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The rain came in from the wide blue yonder

I thought you and me might wander

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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Michigan, United States of America
I eat cannibals.

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2 tone, a silver mount zion, adam ant, adult, adult swim, afi, alkaline trio, alphonse mucha, ancient civilizations, animation, aphex twin, appleseed cast, arcade fire, archaeology, art, art history, art nouveau, asoiaf, autechre, avatar: the last airbender, bad manners, badou nails, battlestar galactica, being a nerd, beirut, bjork, blackadder, bleach, bloomington, blue monday, blur, bones, boys with guitars, boysetsfire, brand new, bright eyes, brit-pop, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, byzantium, calligraphy, carson ellis, cartoons, castles, chicago, china miƩville, chuck taylors, cigarettes, classical studies, coheed and cambria, comic books, converge, crossword puzzles, cursive, david mack, david tennant, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, death note, deidara, denny's, desaparecidos, detroit techno, dicks on weed, discworld, doctor who, dogs: bullets & carnage, dr. pepper, drawing, driving, drum 'n bass, drunken debauchery, early punk rock, eddie izzard, english accents, etymology, fantasy, farewell to fashion, figurine, final fantasy, firefly, flight of the conchords, flogging molly, folklore, fountain pens, freezepop, fringe, from autumn to ashes, fruits, fullmetal alchemist, gambit, gang of four, gatsby's american dream, gauged ears, geek rock, girls against boys, godspeed you black emperor, good omens, gothic cathedrals, gravy train!!!, grizzly bear, h/d, harry potter, heraldry, hey mercedes, his dark materials, history, horses, hot fuzz, hot hot heat, i feel sick, ianto jones, illuminated manuscripts, imbroco, indie rock, interpol, invader zim, jacques-louis david, janitor, jhonen vasquez, joanna newsom, joe strummer, john owen-jones, joss whedon, jungle, kakairu, kevin smith, kitties, knives, l, lady gaga, ladytron, latin, le tigre, liars, libraries, london, long drives, lost, louis armstrong, louis c.k., love is all, low, lucius malfoy, m.i.a., madness, max raabe, medieval art, mello, merlin, milemarker, mineral, minus the bear, modest mouse, mogwai, mononoke hime, monster garage, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, muse, museums, musicals, mythology, naruto, neckties, neil gaiman, neo-classicism, nerdy glasses, new order, newsies, nicotine, nostalgia, owen pallett, owls, patrick wolf, patton oswalt, paul simonon, peaches, pedro the lion, penmanship, photography, piercings, pop unknown, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, ra ra riot, radiohead, rainer maria, rancid, ratfe, recover, researching, roma, rome, roni size, roy/ed, sahara hotnights, sai, sailor jerry, sandman, sass attack, science fiction, serenity, sex pistols, sigur ros, slash, sleater-kinney, sleep, sleeping in, slow reader, snow, sokka, songs: ohia, southern comfort, spike, stabbing, star patrol, star wars, steampunk, stephen fry, stephen lynch, strangers with candy, street fashion, studio ghibli, synth pop, taking back sunday, target, tattoos, teengenerate, terry pratchett, the adicts, the blood brothers, the clash, the cure, the daily show, the damned, the decemberists, the distillers, the dodos, the doom generation, the dresden files, the exit, the faint, the gloria record, the good life, the impossibles, the international noise conspiracy, the malfoys, the national, the phoenix rising, the pixies, the postal service, the prodigy, the ramones, the reindeer section, the reunion show, the simpsons, the smiths, the stereo, the tribute, the venture brothers, thrift stores, thunderstorms, thursday, time to fly, torchwood, trains, traveling, travelling, tricky, tv on the radio, underworld, vincent valentine, white rabbits, wien, wikipedia, wild beasts, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs
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